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Vairo rankenėlės/Grips
Eclat Team Grips Kaina: 11.00 €

Constructed of an elastomer/compound rubber blend, éclat's team grips are designed for comfort, durability and more comfort. The team grips are soft from the very start, but won't break down after a week of riding. Available in a wealth of colors, with low-profile nylon bar caps. Classic design, soft to the touch, long-lasting compound. What more do you need in a grip?

147mm x 29mm
black,  blue

Ecalat Sean Burns Kaina: 11.00 €
Eclat Asley Charles Kaina: 11.00 €
Eclat Moon Kaina: 11.00 €
Eclat Blacksmith Kaina: 11.00 €
Animal Edwin Kaina: 11.00 €
WTP Defcon Kaina: 11.00 €
WTP All Day Kaina: 11.00 €
WTP El Barrio Kaina: 11.00 €
WTP Rhombus Kaina: 11.00 €
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